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to go into detail on his condition. he does not owe us too much of an explanation. >> cenk: i couldn't disagree more. does anyone in the country believe that it's really execs exhaustion. >> i'm excited that the media is covering a missing black person. this is groundbreaking. all right? this is not a young attractive white girl. it's amazing. >> cenk: fair enough. >> generally i tend to side on the side of privacy even if you are a public official. he has been gone. exhaustion is not enough detail. even if we don't know what it is he's out for, we need to know if this is a flu, are you going to be back in a couple of weeks or are you terminally ill. >> cenk: we just got breaking news and it's only fox news. but they're reporting that the jackson family has been saying that it's a moodies order. i don't know what that means either. >> it means that something is wrong with us and it's really not our business right now. okay jesse jackson, you have to come back in if you're losing your mind, say it on the floor of the congress. calm down. he's still a human being. like i said, it's bee
into some trouble because they used code words with his wife to move money around. they thought they were being clever like take 75 cents out of the bank account. you fool! everybody knows it is a code word. it is not actually 75 cents. he's using code words to describe a benefactor that apparently according to him offered to pay his legal defense fund. who is it? sean hannity. now that's a story that global broke. we'll duke them in a second. remember zimmerman's original attorneys, when they were quitting the case, they said this. >> we learned he had called sean hannity of fox news directly, not through us and we believe i can't confirm this, we believe he spoke directly with sean. off the record. he's not even willing to tell us what our client told him. >> cenk: that's interesting. then sean hannity actually went on air and talked about his private conversations with george zimmerman as well. >> for a few weeks we have been pursuing an interview with mr. zimmerman to give him a chance to tell hi
for joining us in "the war room." we'll see you tomorrow. >>> welcome to "the young turks." you know the whole nonsense controversy about you didn't build that? romney even ran ad on it watch. >> through hard work and a little bit of hard work he built this business. why is he demonizing us for it? >> wait until you find out about the guy in ad. and then sally ride the first female astronaut in space passed away. >> the first woman astronaut. >> reporter: she not only boldly went where no american woman ever went before at 31 she was always the younger. >> and it turned out she was also the very first lesbian in space. her partner of 27 years might not be getting the benefits she would get if they were a straight couple. and we'll have sally ride's sister on the program. then we have a fun new segment for you guys. what if we were fox news. >> i'm running for office to help the rich. >> we got him! he said that! can't believe it! all right. we'll do that later as well. it's go time. ♪ >>> now there has been a budding non-controversy about what president obama said in
is starting a new tv channel. god help us all. >> hello. i'm herman cain. they think we are stupid. we the people are coming. and we want our power back. >> i don't know about that we're not stupid slogan. you might want to rethink that. it's go time. now, you have seen it all over the country. you've seen it this year and last year. we've got droughts, heat waves freak weather events. there was a weather event the other day that knocked out power, i don't know what it was called. i never heard of it before. apparently it zooms in a straight line and knocks everything out in its path. what in the world is going on? i got an answer for you. it is called climate change. we show you the numbers because weather doesn't equal climate but when you see it in its context, you'll understand. let me show you the different things. heat waves droughts, storms, flooding widespread wildfires. you've seen the wildfires throughout. again, it is overall trend right? so let's go to what happened in 2011. here's a piece. >>
poster of the president. if you have anything to be posted to us, send it to us, thanks for joining us have a great night. see you tomorrow 3 s." we've got a great show ahead for you tonight. mitt romney goes racially. >> it's a very strange and in some respects foreto the american experience type of philosophy. >> cenk: i wonder what he meant by that. i give you four more quotes just like that. and then we've got massive street protests in the happiest place on earth. >> the police are moving in. all of a sudden anaheim where disneyland is has become a bit of a ticking time bomb. protests after protests. cops shooting civilians. it's getting ugly over there. we'll show you what is happening. speaking of ugly, one of the world's worst pranks shows how divided the middle east is. [ bleep ] [ bleep ] [ bleep ] >> cenk: that's a gut wrenching story. really important. we'll talk about all that. anybody know what time it is? anybody? oh right go time. >> cenk: all right, so mitt romney has been playing defense a lot. release your tax returns off-shore banks accounts. the team has decided
. >> now jacki schechner is going to join us now to tell us more. >> what came out on her obituary is that she was gay. and she had a partner for 27 years. here are some news reports after we learned that she was in fact a lesbian. >> leaves behind her partner of 27 years, tamara seansy. sally lived her life to the fullest with boundless energy curiosity, passion, intelligence, commitment and love. >> it's not unusual they wouldn't have mentioned this until now, because this was the first time that we know of that it was mentioned that she was gay. >> so how did we find out. >> there is a biography on the internet. and a little blurb saying she had pancreatic cancer, which we don't know either. she was very very private. >> she was also her partner in this project so that became relevant. now what happens with her partner? >> what is coming up right now, is she has had this partner for 27 years. is no indication they had married or had a civil union at any point, but if they had or tried to there would be some benefits that tamara would have had access to.
talking now. >> jennifer: i love it. thank you all for joining us here in "the war room." we'll see you back tomorrow night. >> cenk: welcome to "the young turks." was mitt romney committing a felony while doing this? [ speaking foreign language ] >> cenk: not for speaking french. was he running bain or the olympics? he's told the federal government both of those things which is a serious, serious problem for mitt romney. crime up to five years in prison for that, you can get. really interesting story. don't miss that. and then well, at the naacp convention, we did not have president obama but we did have joe biden and we do have epic coverage of the naacp convention. >> mitt romney was here. joe biden was here. i'm here! president obama wasn't here. how big a difference did that make to the folks at the naacp convention? >> cenk: we'll tell you all about that and biden had a great speech. then romney. this is fascinating! did he bring in people to get himself booed at the same convention? [crow
iran. >> romney: i'm use my own words. i respect the right of israel to defend itself. >> obama: if some of these folks think it's time to launch a war they should say so. >> cenk: we're going to talk about that competition to start a war. and then mitt romney goes even further and might have said something racist, well, not might, he definitely did. whether the rest of the media cares is a different question. we'll discuss that on tonight's show. then the republicans are coming. the republicans are coming to tampa. >> i'm ready excited. i know there are going to be so many people here. the clubs will be busy and it will be a fun time. >> cenk: the strip clubs are expecting to quadruple business whenwhen the republican national convention comes to town. finally, what is wrong with the rest of the media. >> i watched your show, your guests say things that i know aren't true. then you just move on. ask the damn follow up. >> cenk: we'll tell you who does this best in the u.s. media, and it might be surprising in how she has gotten in trouble for it in the past. it's a great show.
you for joining us. >> thank you. >> great to have you. my opinions are clear, as you can tell. >> yes. >> now, okay talk to me about how romney is running the campaign. it looks like there is disgruntlement from the conservatives. >> the republicans have been decided. ever since a couple of weeks ago when obama said that the private sector is doing fine. ever since then obama has been on a good run. help with healthcare and immigration. the jobs report disappointing. the president said it was a step in the right direction but there is more work to be done. romney has been taking fire over the jetski, for not having more specifics on his tax and economic plan. that's from within g.o.p. circles. in the party that is more united usually wins elections this will be a tough election but the republicans have had a rough run over the last week, week and a half. >> cenk: as you look at the last week and a half, on the mandate issue romney is stuck because he has the same mandate as president obama. if he calls it a tax, then he gave taxes. and then he goes on vacation at a boat house. who has
an event at the white house where he used the bully pulpit and made his case for saying hey you know what, let's keep the tax cuts for the middle class but we can't afford to keep them for the rich. he did it in a way that was really convincing. let me show you the first a part here. >> obama: cut middle class taxes every year that i've been president. by $3,600. i just believe anyone making over $250,000 a year should go back to the income tax rates we were paying under bill clinton. back when our economy created nearly 23 million new jobs, the ggest budgets sururususn sty, and pnty of mimiioioirir t tboot. >> cenk: look, let's break this down. because finally the democrats are making their case. they're saying things that seem obvious to us, but unfortunately the american people have not heard enough. number one hey remember when we had higher taxes under clinton for the rich? it work! we created 23 million jobs. remember when we lowered taxes for the rich under bush in the last ten years it did not work! do you know this is 1950, the 35% tax rate that we have now for the top bracket is
to the u.s. he worked as a community organizer, which is a socialized structure, and then got into politics in chicago. >> cenk: hawai'i, indonesia, indonesia, did i tell that you he was in a different country at one point and does not understand angelo saxon heritage. that's interesting. on the same day talking to reporters in a conference call also said this if it weren't clear enough. i wish this president would learn how to be an american. was that clear enough for you? again, that looks so you wily that they had to come back and say, well, we didn't mean it that way. we meant it to be ugly but not perfectly clear so you couldn't accuse of us being racist. on july 17th, how about mitt romney. what did he say? he had this quote to say about president obama's economic policy. obama's course is extraordinarily foreign. golly gee, we just keep happen to use those words foreign he's not one of us angelo saxon what do you mean, us, racist? that just might be racialist. apparently the white house has had enough. they send joe biden down to discuss what was presented in the telephone about the
was the bad guy. he punched you so many times right. he used curse words at you didn't he? i hear you george. that's such a great case, george. my god! this is beyond just having an opinion and doing an opinion show! i've never seen anything like this in my life! as much as hannity tried to help zimmerman, it didn't work. look at the obvious lies by zimmerman. >> who said that all of a sudden you saw somebody who looked suspicious, he may be on drugs. that was one of the earlier comments you made in the 911 call. what made you think he was suspicious and what made you think he might be on drugs? >> i felt like he was suspicious because it was raining, he was in between houses, cutting in between houses and he was walking very leisurely for the weather. >> cenk: are you kidding me? walking leisurely gets you shot these days? what a horrible excuse! i thought he was suspicious because it was raining. if he had run, you would have said he was suspicious. he walks leisurely you say he is suspicious. this is a
bain but it doesn't mean that he ran it. okay. it is not a big deal. so give us a sense of perspective here. is it is a big deal if you misstate something in an s.e.c. filing? >> well, yes it is. these filings are government documents. they're required to tell the truth. when the securities laws make it clear that if you knowingly file a document with the s.e.c. that it is false and you know it's false, that it is a criminal offense and punishable by a sentence that could be up for many years. it would be a felony. >> cenk: now, as i look at the two different filings in 2011 and earlier in the 1999 to 2002 range, it seems that they're clearly contradictory. am i missing something? or are they as contradictory as they seem on the face of it? >> i think they're clearly contradictory. i've looked over the -- several of the bain capital filings where it is very clear that they identify him not only as an owner but also as chairman and chief executive officer. during this period of time. and this is not boil
questions. when he got to poland, had only taken three questions from the u.s. press which is outrageous. they were angry about it. they were letting richard gorka the campaign spokesperson know about it and richard didn't react well to that. let's watch. >> cenk: i have to confess that i love that sentence. kiss my ass. this is a holy site for the polish people. show some respect. that would not really be respectful. the sentence doesn't really work. then he told jonathan martin of politico, shove it! once again not that respectful. but you know what? it is not the so-called liberal media they were attacking the conservative media is incredibly frustrated. greta van susteren said the press pool is trapped in a bus while polish citizens take pictures of us and it is a modified petting zoo. in other words they're useless because they don't get to ask any questions. they get shown around people take pictures of them. everybody is frustrated by this. and the question, of course, is what are you hiding? i
our war room. check us out online at check out our exclusive war extras. good night everybody. we'll see you tomorrow. , welcome to the "the young turks." got a great show ahead for you guys. i'm not one to give the democrats a lot of credit if they don't deserve it but i'll tell you what, they've got some new kick ass ads out right now! >> they're not from around here. spending millions to attack. >> after 12 years in washington, d.c., dennis rehberg's forgotten where he comes from. >> fischer believes millionaires should get special tax breaks. >> cenk: you go get them, man. i'll tell you why those ads can be so effective and maybe swing the election in 2012. then we find out more about our international man of mystery mitt romney. where he's hiding his money how he's hiding his money and by the way, how much is he worth? we asked another international man of mystery. >> $100 billion. >> cenk: and then fox news thinks it's classy to make fun of the poor. we'll come after them, t
, carried interest. mitt romney has used every trick in the book. romney admits that over the last two years he's paid less than 15% in taxes on $43 million in income. makes you wonder if some years he paid any taxes at all. we don't know because romney has released just one full year of his tax returns and won't release anything before 2010. >> you know what? i've put out as much as we're going to put out. >> what is mitt romney hiding? >> cenk: body blow! here comes the head shot. dnc with another ad at the same time. but only quoting republicans. this is awesome. >> here's what he should do. he should release the tax returns tomorrow. you have to release six eight ten years of back tax returns. >> release the tax returns. >> i was asked that question. do you think that governor romney should release his tax returns. i said i do. >> what did the run one republican who had 23 years of mitt romney's tax returns do in 2008? >> governor sarah palin of the great state of alaska. >> he chose sarah palin. what does joh
more man with one more elbow, and this one is epic. [ ♪ music ♪ ] >> cenk: now michael shure joins us with an interesting update with a question we asked the romney romney camp. michael, great to talk to you. what about the question we asked the romney camp. >> now that they're in the throws of this financial vetting process they've got to be asking the men and women who they're vetting for vice president position for their tax returns. i reached out to the romney campaign today and i heard nothing back. i've got crickets from mitt's house. for me this is a big part of this story. it's about hypocrisy. joe biden released his returns. the president released his returns. this is will be vice president debates, it is not going to go away. >> cenk: i think that question leaves him in an important conundrum. what does he do? for our vp guys we won't look at your tax returns. it seems irresponsible. or are they going to say yeah, we got to have the v.p.'s tax returns because we can't make a decision. it's critical that we have them. which would open him up to huge hypocrisy. >> these people
descriptions like in. the u.s. is currently consumed with an it's coming presidential elections. americans must choose between obama, whose approach and achievements are contentious and romney, who is considered a gifted businessman they're definitely on his side but he still screws it up saying this indecipherrous things. president bush urged has any mubarak to move towards a more democratic posture but president obama abandoned the freedom agenda and we are seeing today a whirlwind of full mutt in the middle east in part because of these did not embrace their history in a more peaceful manner are you now telling me that obama did not pursue the freedom agenda? and they became free. how is that against the freedom agenda. mitt in the for another fail. i'm begin to go wonder if this guy knows anything about forepolicy. let's bring in michael hastings from the notebook, covering the campaign for buzzfeed michael. first question for you. is there some chance that mitt romney just flat out doesn't know much about foreign policy. >> what i said today i'll literally stand by this. i think the man is
" has just revealed romney's companies were pioneer of shipping u.s. jobs overseas. investing in firms that specialized in relocating jobs done by american workers to new facilities in low wage countries like china. romney's never stood up to china. all he's ever done is send them our jobs. >> cenk: they're hitting him early and they're hitting them often. i think it is a great strategy. i don't often say that about democratic strategies. the reason is a lot of people say don't spend the money up-front. this is your opportunity to frame mitt romney. and it's true. he did outsource the jobs. you should hit him over that. in fact, it is already working. let me show you the battleground states. obama in florida 45% to 41% over romney. 47%, 38% shockingly high lead over ohio. this is usually dead even between democrats and republicans in presidential elections. obviously the car bailout there which mitt romney was dead set against, huge difference maker. pennsylvania 45% to 39% lead there as well. obviousl
for people who want to be president for the united states to stand up and tell us what they're going to do about it 12,347 we're going to rely on mayor bloomberg, to be the up guy who steps up here? where is the president? where is the president? we'll talk about all that and more. it's go time. [ ♪ theme music ♪ ] >> 315 415 there is a shooting at century authorities. there is someone shooting in the auditorium. >> someone on cell phone captured this video after someone burst in and open fired. >> this guy started shooting everywhere shooting in crazy directions. >> 24-year-old james holmes has been accused in the batman movie massacre. >> he was three feet away from me. he ended up shooting someone behind me. it was just bloody murder. >> this is the act of apparently of very deranged mind. >> romney: our hearts break with the sadness of this unspeakable tragedy. >> conflicting reports of whether there are explosives believed to be ate the apartment of the suspect. >> obama: my daughters going to the movies. michelle and i will be fortunate to hug our girls. some people will not be s
is a liar and using his own words against him. here is one of those ads. >> you don't have any fresh ideas, then you use failed tactics to scare voters. if you don't have a record to run on, then you're paying your opponent the people should run from. you make a big lecture about small things. >> i'm mitt romney, and i approve this message. >> cenk: that's right. not much of a counterattack. but normally when you counterattack against democrats they run for the hills. that's been my experiences over the last ten years at least. not this time. they asked president obama charlie rose does, are you going to back down? the answer appears again to be, hell no. >> if his basic premiseses that i'm mr. fix-it on the economy because i made a lot of money. >> but that's not what he's saying. >> to some degree he's saying that he understands the economy and the private sector. >> and they built businesses. >> they invested. >> they invested. >> exactly. that's his premises. i think entirely appropriate to look at that record and see whether, in fact his focus was creating jobs, and he successfully di
the end of the day this show's simple. it's about ideas. ideas are the best politics. ideas can bring us together. >>(narrator) the gavin newsom show. next. only on current tv. [ ♪ theme music ♪ ] >> cenk: so romney is in a lot of trouble over all this bain stuff. he thinks, maybe i can switch up the headlines make a little leaky leak, and here is the headlines that everybody is seeing. all of a sudden narrow's vp choices and condi as the runner. it helps to have the media on your side. fox news, of course, goes along with this, and they bring on sarah palin to discuss what an important possibility this is, watch. >> i think she was be a wonderful vice president. she's very experienced especially in foreign policy, having served under george bush. i think her credentials far surpass barack obama and joe bidens. >> cenk: now, does she want the job? it appears no. >> i shouldn't be asked because i don't want to run for office. i made it as clear as i possibly can. this isn't what i'm equipped to do or what i want to do. >> i didn't run for student council president. i don't see myse
advise is to get rid of the friggin' dressage horse. now taxes. they're using the dressage horse against him on the taxes. watch. >> governor, will you release your income tax record. >> romney: if that's the tradition, i'm not opposed to doing that. i'm mostly going to be asked to do that around the april time period and i'll keep that open. >> when will you realize yours? will you follow your father's example? >> romney: maybe. >> cenk: so far those are terrible answers and now they're using it against him. what about the issues of blind trust. how about this great piece of hypocrisy by mitt romney. this is what he said about blind trust in 1994 and then in 2012. >> blind trust is an age old ruse if you will, you can always tell a blind trust what it can and cannot do. you give blind trust rules. >> my investments are not made by me. my investments are a blind trust managed by a trustee. >> cenk: we have an official word for that in the business. it's called oops. the blind trust, now also in in the dressage horse ad. >> why do you have a swiss bank account, and what do you say to amer
'll show you in a little bit. and speaking of drama, this the state of san fernando valley you're using to politicians screwing you, but not like this. i told my estranged wife and my children about my relationship. >> i don't have no respect for you. >> you don't have no respect for your wife or family. >> they are all having affairs, and they might all get recalled. how is that for fun politics? anybody know what time it is? all right. it geese time! ♪ >> now we have been telling the president, go after mitt romney's secret bank accounts. here is what americans are not going to be happy with, a guy returning for president of the united states of america, who has money in the cayman islands and bermuda, owning corporations set up in bermuda. and the president listened. here is what he said. >> i think what is important if you are running for president is that the american people know who you are, what you have done and that you are an open book. and that has been true of every presidential candidate dating back to mr. romney's father. >> oh, yeah, he brought your fath
run the strip clubs in atlanta is joining us. he is don great to have you here. >> hey, cenk, how are you great to be here. >> i met tampa. >> yeah, we're actually in tampa, not atlanta. >> cenk: there are republicans in atlanta and i'm sure they love strip clubs too. don, talk to me about this. what are your expectations for business when the republicans come into town and what is it based on? >> the best thing we can go by is the adult club associations and talking to our cohorts in the business and people that we also know who have clubs in the denver area. when the convention last went to denver the numbers they claimed were three to four times what a typical number would be. that's pretty much what we're working from. >> cenk: now why do you think republicans spend more money on strippers than democrats. >> it may be because they have the money. >> cenk: it may be what? >> i believe that maybe the republicans would maybe have a little more money than the democrats. >> cenk: yeah, that makes sense. i thought they were all about family values. that's weird. you do something dif
] i hope no one recognizes us... think these disguises will... no. [ male announcer ] salty. sweet. and impossible to resist. vanguard: the documentary series that redefined tv journalism. >>we're going to places where few others are going. >>it doesn't get anymore real than this. >>occupy! >>we will have class warfare. >>i'm being violated by the health-care system. >>we're patrolling the area looking for guns, drugs, bodies. >>we go in and spend a considerable amount of time getting to know the people and the characters that are actually living these stories. >>the award winning series "vanguard" only on current tv. [ ♪ theme music ♪ ] >> cenk: looks like "the young turks" have started a trend. earlier we did a story on chick-fil-a, and how they give millions of dollars to anti-gay causes and of course their ceo recently came out and made comments against gay marriage. we decided to ban them, ben michael, shana, went over there. we had our last chick-fil-a sandwich and we're done with them. it's been gaining a lot of momentum throughout the country. we hav
. >> and this is so good. >> it helps release the market and sustain economic growth in u.s. history. >> cenk: but we'll tell you whether their newsroom is realistic. some of the things that will drive you crazy about this show. we'll tell you how a real newsroom works. all this on tonight's show. it's go time. [ ♪ theme music ♪ ] >> cenk: james holmes is the lunatic, well, we don't know yet what his mental state is, but we do know that he, of course, shot 70 people. hence, i'm going to go ahead and call him a lunatic. we have his mug shot as well. you can see that he does not look very sane. nor did he in court. "abc news" has more on that 12,347 movie theater shooting suspect james holmes sat in a courtroom appearing dazed sat silent during the court appearance. the lead prosecutor in the case said she's considering the death penalty. the former doctorial student is accused of killing 12 moviegoers and injuring 58 in a hail of butt let's during a midnight premiere of a bat mate man sequel. this of a smiling and relaxed holmes at 18 years old giving a speech at a screen tach. >> cenk: it's hard
protection finance bureau. keep sending us. dave morgan for county commissioner. we will take all of your stuff. have a great night and we will see you tomorrow. libor. >>> all right. welcome to "the young turks"." we have been telling the president go after mitt romney's secret bank account. you know what he does? he goings after him personally. >> is it your belief that it is tic for someone to have a swiss bank account. >> well you know. >> go get him! and he is going to! further more obama versus obama. his half brother in kenya! >> obama had not done anything to help you? ♪ >> i think he has a family to run. >> will his brother sell him out? we'll show you in a little bit. and speaking of drama, this the state of san fernando valley you're using to politicians screwing you, but not like this. i told my estranged wife and my children about my relationship. >> i don't have no respect for you. >> you don't have no respect for your wife or family. >> they are all having affairs, and they might all get recalled. how is that for fun politics? anybody know what
to change the way people use these words. they're used like weapons. >> cenk: and will it help his brand to come out of the closet like did he. and then finally in scientology is it okay to discriminate against scientology? we'll have that discussion as well. does anybody know what time it is? oh right go time. >> cenk: when president obama came into office there was hope that he might have a more sensible look on the war on drugs. and it's a miserable and utter failure. those hopes were dashed when he appointed michele leonhart, who is at massive right winger who thinks that marijuana is incredibly dangerous. she was in front of congress and they asked her great questions comparing marijuana to heroin. live to president obama's head of dea. >> is heroin worse for someone's health than marijuana? >> again all-- >> it's either yes no, i don't know. if you don't know, you can look this up. you should know as chief administrator for the drug enforcement agency. is heroin worse for someone's health than marijuana? >> all illegal drugs are bad-- >> does this mean that you don't know. >> cenk:
one number one number one. the u.s. 31, 23, 17, we're getting our ass handed to us and i blame the president was taking it on. was he take it on too much specifically with the african-american community? >> you're competing against young people in beijing and bangalore. you know they're not hanging out. they're not getting over. they're not playing video games. they're not watching "real housewives." >> cenk: well, you know who did not like that kind much talk was our own tricia rose. professor rose, what happened there? you know, i came out and you was supportive of the president. i'm tough on him sometimes but i thought i liked his speech overall. let me play a clip from last night's show. this is not a matter of an african-american crowd. it's not a white problem. it's not a latino problem. it's an american problem. you can't blame the teachers. you got to look internally and expect peter of your kids. i love what president obama said and i couldn't agree more with him. professor rose, where did i go wrong. >> there is no question that parents need to work with their kids an
're closed on sundays. that's their issue. i used to eat at chick-fil-a back in d.c. i knew it was because they were religious. perfectly within their right to do that. now so the issue here is a little tougher right? because for example the saying something about the obama-care and the government take cover i don't believe it, but i still eat at whole foods. i want kelsey grammar's shows he's a republican. who cares. but here they're saying that the gay people should not have the same rights as straight people. they should not be able to get married the way straight people can. what if a business back in the 60s said we think all blacks should have all the same rights but they can't get married to white people and they put $5 million behind it. can you see how that would spark protest and a ban. >> i can see where people's perspective is coming from. and the christian perspective. they believe in traditional marriage between one man and one woman. that may not be a situation where they disagree with civil unions, but when you're talking about the institution in regards to some religious y
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